Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw

Not sure which Grooming Service to choose? 


     Our Basic service is not so basic. We offer an extensive bathing package, that includes Washing, Conditioning, Brushing, Blow Drying, Gland Expression, Toenail Trimming, and Ear Cleaning. We also add fragrance and a bandana or bow to keep your pet smelling and looking fantastic. If your pet needs a light trim around his or her pads, eyes,tail and sanitary area then the mini grooming package is the one to select. If its that time for a nice stylish clipping or even a full shave down, then we offer a Full grooming package with includes everything in the Bathing package and the Mini Groom along with your choice of a stylish cut. Whether you want a lion cut, a puppy face, a poodle clip or even a full shave down we do it all and more. If your looking to add that extra something we offer a pampering package. We'll give your fur baby a blueberry facial, a paw, pad and nose treatment, brush his or her teeth, upgrade to a top of the line shampoo and conditioner, and give a soothing massage all while they feast on a treat of your choice for a small additional fee. And of course, we offer individual add on service to most packages. Lastly, your fur baby will take a stroll over to our backdrop of the week and have a professional photograph that will be available digitally for you to view and download at your convenience.

What to Expect


In the past you may have dropped your pet off at the groomers for half or even the entire day. At Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw, we do things differently. We dedicate a pre-determined amount of time for your pet based on their specific services or needs. This way, we can give them the undivided attention that they deserve. This helps us provide a stress-free grooming environment for all the pets we see. We try to give an estimated time of pickup when your pet is dropped off. Pets should be picked up within 30 minutes of that estimated time. If there is a change to the pickup time we will call and notify you.


*Due to the dedicated time we provide your pet, we require a 24-hour notice for cancellations and reschedules. If you have to cancel or reschedule the same day of your appointment there will be a $15 charge. This happens very rarely but we hope you will understand as we are providing the best stress free environment for your pet. 


**If the condtion of your pets fur is severe enough to require de-matting we will let you know in advance. De-matting services are a separate fee from the grooming services.