Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw

  Meet The Groomers and Bathers

   Thank you for taking time out of your day to read and learn more about Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw and its family.  We at Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw, believe it is important for pet owners to know the person whom they left their fur baby with to receive their grooming care. 





Owner ~ Salon Manager ~ Melissa 


     Melissa Beard ~ She is the owner of Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw. She is a mother of twin 12 year olds, a 3 month old, and the wife of Steven Beard of 19+ years. She is also the momma of 4 fur babies, a chocolate phantom golden doodle, a standard Poodle, a red golden doodle, and a white golden doodle. She loves, God, life, family, friends, animals and our Great, Beautiful city Lake Havasu. 


     Here is her story.  After leaving Wells Fargo in early 2006 she found herself lost in what to do for a career and spent most days at home looking for jobs online. At the time, it was just her, her husband, Steven Beard, and their chocolate lab, Delilah, who passed away this past year at the age of 14, God bless her soul. Anyways, most days, she spent her time at home with her chocolate lab. This is what led her into dog grooming shops, pet stores and feed stores more often then not. One day, she had stepped into a grooming shop to inquire about a bath for Delilah. That is when she met Jeneh, the grooming shops owner. Jeneh was the most amazing, positive person she had ever met. Everything about her and her shop made Melissa want to work there. So she applied and started out as a bather. Eventually she moved to receptionist and then groomer in training. She was trained by Jeneh, the most incredible master groomer. This master groomer's attention to detail and her love for animals made her stand out more than anyone else in the grooming shop. After a few month of the apprenticeship Melissa was a fully trained Groomer. She worked at her shop until her and husband, Steven relocated due to his college education. Over the next 4 years Melissa followed Steven across 3 cities and 2 states while he finished his degree. During those years, she found herself in various grooming shops perfecting her skills. Then in 2011, Steven and Melissa decided to extend their family, from pets to adding a few children. They became expecting with twins. That is when Melissa decided to take a year off and focus on her pregnancy. After the kids were born, She groomed dogs out of their house until Steven's career landed them in Lake Havasu, a place they could finally settle down and call home. 


     Melissa and Steven spent most of 2017 and 2018 researching, planning, developing, prioritizing, and saving for her dream. All the things Melissa loved or disliked about every grooming shop she had stepped foot in over the years, had been considered. With a lot of hard work and dedication, in December of 2018, Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw opened for business. Melissa has committed to bringing the best products, care and services to our wonderful city of Lake Havasu. This is her story and the type of person you are leaving your fur baby in the hands of during their visit at Beautilful Beards Pet Spaw. The type of love, care, and skill that is necessary while they visit a grooming salon. 









Lead Pet Stylist ~ Stephanie



Stephanie Robertson ~ She discovered Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw through her husband Nolan. After Nolan set her in the path of Melissa, the owner of Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw, destiny was in the works. In just a few moments after meeting Stephanie, Melissa realized, Stephanies vision and goals were on the same path. In July 2019,  Stephanie started at Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw. She is the lead Pet Stylist, with over 10 years experience in the pet grooming industry. She started out in a local shop as a bather. After getting an ich to run the clippers, she became a groomer in training. She mastered her skills over a ten year span. Her attention to detail and her love and compassion for animals is unmatched. She towel dries her pets and spends every moment in the shop loving on all her clients fur babies.While working at Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw, She has developed a niche for dog photography. Her posted pictures daily will make any heart melt.







Groomer  ~ Nathaniel (Nate)



Nathaniel Patterson ~ Nate met Melissa in 2017. Her kindness was so contagious it struck a chord. It wasn't long before they became the best of friends. He, himself, was feeling lost in his career path at that time. Melissa's desire and goals in the grooming industry lit a new fire in Nates life. Nate watched as Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw came to life. He soon realized his love for animals could turn into a new career path. In February 2019 Nate started with Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw. Over the last 15 months, Melissa has transformed him in to a superb bather that would be a desire in every grooming salon. His hard work, dedication, and compassion for animals has led him into a path of a groomer in training. He specializes in FURminator treatments, blow outs, pad and paw treatments, mini grooms/trims, and nail dremmeling. He recently, has developed a love for color treatments. He's learning more each and every day.














Pet Stylist ~Brianna



Brianna Thomas ~She discovered her passion for pets as a dog bather working at another salon. It wasn't long after bathing that she decided to pick up the books and learn everything she could about the dog grooming world. Now with almost 3 years of grooming experience she has developed attention to detail and a skill with scissors. Shes excited to continue her journey while being apart of Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw. 













Groomer - Angel


















Groomer - Logan
















Groomer - Laura